Brainworx bx_crispytuner

Brainworx bx_crispytuner


Everything you need for vocal pitch correction
From subtle and precise pitch correction to extravagant vocal tuning effects. Underneath its amazingly easy-to-use interface are three powerful modes for incredible levels of detailed control.

Easy enough for a novice, powerful enough for a pro
Even beginners can quickly dial in subtle and transparent correction or extreme tuning effects by using the 'Simple Mode'. The 'Graphical Mode', allows you to dive in deep and draw in minute changes on a note-by-note basis, controlling vibrato, tuning pre-delay, note target, portamento effects, and more. With the 'Advanced Mode', dial in the transition speed, tightness, correction amount, formant preservation, pitch detection range along with custom root scales.

Tune vocals with no latency
With its powerful “Live” mode, bx_crispytuner offers instant tuning with no latency for the times you want to correct pitch in live settings, or let a singer “play” with the tuner by enabling it on the way in.

New Filter Section for better tuning results!
Recorded signals often have unwanted low-end and high-end frequencies that can clutter up a mix or result in tuning algorithms not calculating pitch correctly. The bx_crispytuner takes care of all of that with a unique pre and post filter section, which allows you to clean up your vocals and get even more accurate tuning.

Quicker key detection with the bx_crispyscale
Included with bx_crispytuner is the innovative bx_crispyscale plugin. Vocal tuning works by measuring the pitch of your voice and then correcting it towards the closest note of the song's scale. To find the right scale, even without music theory experience, use the bx_crispyscale to automatically detect it and send it to bx_crispytuner to get started right away. The bx_crispyscale plugin is the perfect companion to detect the key of musical instruments and songs as well!

Supported Formats
AAX Native, AU, VST2, VST3
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  • Low latency (Mixing Mode) – Record and bounce your vocal tracks with low latency
  • Zero latency (Live Mode) – Sing into the bx_crispytuner effect with zero latency, the perfect tool for live performances
  • bx_crispytuner Subtle to Extreme tuning effect – THAT well-known automatic vocal tuning effect
  • Enable and Disable Notes – Fast workflow with our enable and disable notes feature in every mode
  • Pre/Post Filters for more accurate tuning – New Filter Section for better pitch tracking and crisp clean vocals
  • Key detection with the bx_crispyscale – Detect the key of your incoming signal and send it straight to the bx_crispytuner with the innovative bx_crispyscale
  • User interface color options – Different colors for easier viewing and editing in all three modes
  • Complete flexibility over vocal tuning
  • Total vocal shaping
  • Adjustable resizing and zooming
  • Help pop-up windows with detailed descriptions – Guided pop-up windows to help you understand our features on the go.
  • Easy authorization – No dongle required
  • Scale presets included to dial in your vocals – 17 preset scales from Major, Minor, and other modal scales
  • 7 Tools for editing in graphical mode – All the tools you need to edit your vocals with ease
  • Simple Mode – A simple interface with the most important features of automatic tuning
  • Advanced Mode – Exposes all settings for automatic tuning
  • Graphical Mode – Fine-grained editing with all the tools you need for every part of the recording performance
  • Full compatibility VST2, VST3, AAX, AU

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