Based on the first parametric equalizers that started it all, the AMEK EQ 200 is a beautifully transparent plugin EQ, inspired by the classic sound of icons like the GML 8200 and vintage SONTEC EQs.

The AMEK EQ 200 Plugin is inspired by the sound of Brainworx founder Dirk Ulrich‘s own GML 8200 EQ and vintage SONTEC EQs - some of his all-time favorite pieces of analog outboard gear.

But Dirk and the Brainworx modeling team decided to take things a step further, enhancing the original design with many useful plugin-only features, such as innovative Auto-Listen features, variable high-pass, and low-pass filters, M/S processing, and their groundbreaking patented TMT (Tolerance Modeling Technology), to offer an unrivaled analog experience in the box.

With all these additional features, the AMEK EQ 200 offers everything you need to bring the glorious sound and intuitive workflow of the very best vintage EQs to your DAW.

The AMEK EQ 200 plugin is a complete 7-band EQ, with 5 parametric bands, plus added high and low pass filters. It operates in Stereo, Dual-Mono, Mono, and M/S modes. Each of the five wide, overlapping EQ bands offers up to 15 dB of boost or cut and an adjustable bandwidth (or "Q") control from 0.4 to 4. The lowest and the highest bands can also be switched to shelving mode.

Brainworx included their well-known retractable “Extra Unit” which provides the following features, that cannot be found on any of the original analog idols: Brainworx ́s Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT), M/S Processing, Mono-Maker, Stereo Width, Correlation, Balance, Input and Output Meters.

Brainworx Plugin-Only Features

  • Brainworx TMT inside: Patented Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT) simulates channel-to-channel variances in electronic components for the most realistic analog sound possible inside a DAW
  • M/S Processing: A simple workflow enhancement to dramatically tweak the width and depth of your mixes
  • Mono-Maker: Sums your low-frequency content to mono, giving you focused, punchy bass response.
  • Stereo Width: Expand the stereo width of your tracks.
  • High Pass & Low Pass Filter: Continuously variable filters with a 12 dB per octave slope
  • Variable THD control: For adding extra analog mojo and tone
  • Correlation, Balance, Input and Output Meters: To better understand and control your EQ curves
  • Auto Listen: Available on all five bands to audition each change in isolation
  • Scalable User Interface: To perfectly suit the size of your screen
Supported Formats
AAX AudioSuite, AAX DSP, AAX Native, AU, VST2, VST3
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  • 5 wide overlapping fully-parametric EQ bands
  • Additional High and Low pass filters, and Low and High shelving EQs
  • 15dB or 7dB switchable boost or cut for each band
  • Modeled after the brilliant, precise and beautiful sound of legendary EQs, like the GML 8200 and vintage SONTEC EQs
  • Includes Brainworx signature plugin-only enhancements, including TMT modeling, variable THD control, M/S processing, Mono-Maker mode, Auto Listen and more
  • Scalable UI to adapt to your screen size and workflow
  • Loaded with plenty of useful presets to give you a starting place for finding your sound, including presets from legendary mastering engineer Howie Weinberg (LA)

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