Brainworx Audio owner Dirk Ulrich visits Sphere Studios in LA

by Dirk Ulrich


Having moved to Los Angeles recently was a big step for my family and me. I was blown away though to see how warm the pro audio community welcomed me in LA after we arrived. In just the first couple of weeks I met a lot fo the people that define what LA’s studio scene stands for.

So, what better plan could there have been than to invite a few of the people I had been working with for years over email, or met at music conventions, into an amazing studio, and show them some of the latest plugins Brainworx & Plugin Alliance were working on. Mainly unreleased products.



The response I got was better than I had hoped for, and so just a few weeks later I found myself in one room with more than a dozen of the local LA heroes that are known for their work world-wide, which the sheer amount of Grammy-winers in the room was a proof for.

I have been producing music for a living for many years before I started developing and selling plugins with BX & PA, and I still do the occasional mix or mastering job (because I love it!), but it’s quite the experience to play some demo sessions to a who-is-who group of VIP engineers and producers that I look up to for what they do. I was honored to show our latest products to Howie Weinberg, Jay Baumgardner, Dave Reitzas, Craig Bauer, Maor Appelbaum, Eric Racy, IRKO, Yaniv Farber, Moshon Shabah, Adam Moseley, and last but certainly not least Francesco Cameli, the owner of SPHERE Studios, who was kind enough to host us all like a champ.



Talking about SPHERE: Even in LA, which is home to a lot of amazing studios, SPHERE stands out as one of the few very best studios in town, and in the world really. The collection of gear that Francesco collected over the years, from vintage Neve and SSL consoles to boutiquey guitar amps and instruments, is just mind blowing, and the rooms alone sound and look amazing and are among the cleanest and best-maintained rooms I have ever seen. And I have seen a few studios in the past 12 years.

A few hours into the meeting we were all discussing the new plugins from Brainworx, SPL, Unfiltered Audio, and SUHR which I demoed in dedicated sessions. It was truly inspiring to see such a rather large group of professionals together in one room exchanging ideas and thoughts about what they and I love the most. Great music and great sound.



Let’s do this again!

Guests: Howie Weinberg, Jay Baumgardner, Eric Racy, Maor Appelbaum, Craig Bauer, Moshon Shabah, Yaniv Farber, Dave Reitzas, Matt Parson (Video), Vadim Vozmitsel (PA), Adam Moseley and more!


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